La Volpera B&B is a strategic point, as from here one can easily get to various points of interest, and to a wide range of activities.


Located at the northern end of the Bergamo island and bordered by the foothills of Mount Canto, it is about 18 kilometers west of the Orobic capital and 5′ from the B&B.


Italy's best-loved children's amusement park and the ideal place for fun for the whole family.

Nestled in a large green park, it offers 40 attractions and rides suitable for all ages. Children can meet the friendly Masha and Bear live, board the Thomas Train, visit Peppa Pig's World and help Geronimo Stilton on a very special mission. Also, exciting children's shows, lots of animals and the historic Minitalia.


Crespi d'Adda is a working-class village founded by Cristoforo Benigno Crespi in 1877 and completed in the late 1930s. Visiting it today gives one the feeling of taking a trip back in time and being thrust into another time dimension. In fact, the village has remained almost untouched since then, preserved as if under a glass bell, not even if it had just been designed and built.

It is precisely the extraordinary character of this place and the exceptional interaction between man and the environment that convinced UNESCO to declare Crespi d'Adda a World Heritage Site.


The ferry that crosses the Adda River and connects the Bergamo banks of Villa D'adda and the Lecco banks of Imbersago was invented by Leonardo Da Vinci. This drawing, dated 1513, can be found in the Windsor Codex, preserved in the royal library of the castle of the same name in England.

During this assignment, Leonardo had the opportunity to see, study and admire the banks of our river in order to design, among other things, one or more navigable canals that would connect Lake Como to Milan, the famous Navigli, works that on the basis of his studies would later be realized in the following centuries. These landscapes of craggy cliffs, waters and vegetation were desired to be identified in the background of many of his works, such as " The Virgin of the Rocks " or even " The Mona Lisa ".The first model of the ferry, however, dates back to before the 16th century.


The Le Cornelle Wildlife Park, which celebrated its 35th year of operation in 2016, covers an area of 126,000 square meters of greenery available to the approximately 120 animal species including mammals, birds and reptiles housed and to those who want to get to know them. Rare or endangered specimens such as the Snow Leopard, Manchurian Crane and Hyacinth Macaw can be seen alongside well-known species.


PilotaperSempre is a flight school with distant roots, the result of 3 generations of flight pioneers, sportsmen and passionate professionals. It offers flying experiences for novices, basic and advanced courses, and courses for both sport and competition preparation.